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Live webinar

1st july, 2024

10 am [pdt] | 2 pm [est]:

Audit Your Business Webinar

here's what to expect

From This Webinar

Unleash the Power of Online Success: Join us for a transformative webinar where we delve into the art of crafting a winning brand plan, optimizing tech stacks for efficiency, mastering funnels for conversions, and gaining a competitive edge through insightful analysis.

Elevate your online business strategy and propel your success to new heights with expert guidance and strategic insights in this must-attend event!


Jill Prince & Kerry Harris

Date & Time:

1st July, 2024
10 AM [PDT]
1 PM [EDT] 

What You'll Learn

How to Establish a Memorable Identity

Craft a brand plan that resonates with your audience. This will ensure your business stands out in a sea of competitors and leaves a lasting impression.

How to Streamline Efficiency

Build a comprehensive tech stack to streamline operations, automate processes, and enhance productivity, enabling seamless digital product sales through optimized online channels.

Conversion Optimization

Develop a strategic sales funnel plan to guide prospects through a tailored journey, maximizing conversions and nurturing leads effectively toward making informed purchasing decisions.

Strategic Positioning

Conduct a thorough competitive analysis to uncover market opportunities, refine your business strategy, and gain a competitive edge by understanding the landscape and leveraging insights for informed decision-making.